Join Canada’s Balladeer Wiz Bryant as he Travels This Land exploring Canadian history through tales of adventure, courage and compassion in story and song.

In this episode Wiz tells the tale of the Hinton Train Disaster – a railway accident that occurred on February 8, 1986. Twenty-three people were killed in a collision between a Canadian National Railway freight train and a Via Rail passenger train near Hinton Alberta.

Features the song “The Hinton Train Disaster” from Wiz Brant’s Album Spirit Of The North.

Travel This Land Podcast Episode 6

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Podcast Transcript

Travel This Land Podcast 006

Wiz Bryant Singing:  Travel this land to the Rocky Mountains, travel this land to the prairies wide. Travel this land to the Great Lake shine and travel this land and side by side.

Announcer: It’s time to Travel This Land with Canada’s Balladeer Wiz Bryant. On today’s program Wiz tells the tale of The Hinton Train Disaster.

Wiz Bryant:

Wiz Bryant Singing: 

Announcer:  You’ve been Traveling This Land with Canada’s singing storyteller, Wiz Bryant, please feel free to write to his with your comments. We’d be delighted to hear from you. Thank you for listening. Join us again next time for another fascinating Canadian tale in story in song.

As we continue to Travel This Land.

Wiz Bryant Singing: The Hinton Train Disaster from his Album Spirit Of The North